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Kennedy Nemier Insurance Agency is a premier provider of commercial insurance policies for business owners in Belleville and surrounding cities. Most people understand that home and auto insurance are vital to protecting valuable assets against catastrophic damages. However, few people understand how important it is to have the proper business insurance as well. When it comes to choosing the right business insurance, you need an effective plan to provide protection for your business' property, livelihood, and to protect you in case you are sued.

Many who own and operate their own business have invested a significant portion of their livelihood into that business. Should anything happen to their business, they might have trouble recovering financially. At Kennedy Nemier Insurance Agency, Inc., we are here to help people protect what matters most. For those considering business insurance, we can help you find the right plan that provides the coverage to meet your various needs, including bonds, cyber liability, employment practices liability, professional liability, liquor liability, or a commercial umbrella policy.

The Kennedy Nemier Difference

Trustworthy Advice

We're not just a local, independent company - we're your neighbors. We're committed to serving our community, and that means maintaining our reputation for integrity and honesty in everything we do. We're not just here to sell you insurance, we're here to help.

Complete Customization

We specialize in designing customized plans that fit your budget and lifestyle, no matter who you are. Have multiple assets? We'll help you save by bundling plans. Need basic auto insurance? We'll work just as hard to find the perfect plan for your vehicle.

Belleville's Trusted Choice for Business Insurance Policies

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Owning a business is an incredibly rewarding pursuit. However, no matter what type of business you own, it's important to protect your business from lawsuits with general liability and worker's compensation insurance. General liability insurance (the most common small business insurance policy) offers you protection against a variety of liabilities. These include liabilities such as someone slipping and falling on your property, you or your business damaging someone else's property, and other legal liabilities your business may incur. In addition, these policies pay for an attorney to defend you in the event of a covered claim.

One thing that general liability insurance does not protect you against is employee injuries. For this, you will want to have worker's compensation insurance. Worker's comp insurance covers expenses due to work-related employee injury or illness. This might include expenses for hospital bills, lost wages, and funeral costs. Most states require businesses to carry worker's comp insurance and having a policy in place is a good idea, even if it is not required by your state.

Why Do I Need Both?

Worker's comp insurance and general liability insurance both cover a different range of expenses and liabilities your business may incur. By having both policies in place, you can provide your business with greater protection against any number of incidents.

Protect Your Business With Life Insurance

Most people understand the importance of protecting their business with liability insurance, but often times overlook the need for insurance to protect the continuation of the business after the death of an owner/partner. There are different reasons why life insurance for a business makes sense, which include insurance for:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Life Insurance that your bank requires in order to get a loan
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Continuation

Commercial Umbrella Policies

Much like personal umbrella policies, commercial umbrella insurance provides business with additional liability coverage to further protect assets. Commercial umbrella policies extend an additional layer of insurance coverage when the cost of a claim exceeds the limits of a business's underlying policy. Otherwise, business owners would have to pay out of pocket for medical bills, legal fees and other expenses should an accident or error occur.

Hear directly from our clients!

"Just wrote all my business polices with Kennedy Nemier. Our Real Estate business is full of pitfalls so having the right insurance is of paramount importance. I interviewed many insurance companies before deciding on KN. Having been in the business over 33 years we have had many companies provide insurance so we knew what to look for. KN handled my policies very professionally and their rates where right in line with others or even better for better coverage. I would highly recommend this company for all you insurance needs." Lee Bittinger

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